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fiberglass Tape
fiberglass Tape
fiberglass Tape
fiberglass Tape
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Specification of fiberglass Tape

fiberglass cloth sheet roll
Fiberglass Cloth sheet roll (sheet glass fiber cloth) Specifications:

1. High strength

2. Anticorrosion

3. Long use

4. Not every impurity and fuzz, etc.

5. A Fiberglass manufacturing company woven roving Product Description: Glass woven roving is a two way fabric made by direct roving in plain weave pattern. Compatible with unsaturated polyesters, vinylresin, epoxy resins. Applications: hand lay - up, winding and compress molding process, suitable for manufacturing tanks, boats, automobile parts and other FRP products. Charateristics products: Consistent thickness and excellent surface treatment. Rapid tension, high dimensional stability and make handover of both easy mechanical properties and high strength of parts.

Thickness: 1mm, 1.5mm, 3mm

Width: 1000mm, 100mm, 50mm

Length: 30 meters

Temperature: 550 ° -1000 °

glass fiber cloth sheet

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